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The restaurant Torre Mozza offer the opportunity to live a sensory experience, related to the perfume and the taste of the land and the sea. It provides for our guests a 360 degrees culinary experience.

“Cooking has to involve the simplicity, developing connection between the classic Mediterranian style, with a modern and personal touch”

This is the culinary philosophy of our restaurant, elaborated by our chef Kevin Luigi Fornoni. He is from Milan, with a personal education focused on art and cooking. In Milan Kevin has been working together with some of the best italian chef. He has won several competitions and awards nationally recognized.

The restaurant has been recognized and prize by “Guida dell’ Espresso” in 2018 and 2019, as on of the best restaurant in Italy.

Our Restaurant is open for every night for dinner, but on tuesday is close for the rest.

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Paolini Petroni

Ristorante aperto anche al pubblico con 4 piatti 4 di altissimo pregio. Per palati sopraffini!

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Riccardo Garampi

Un luogo particolare, perfetta ospitalità, eccellente ristorante